Native American Buddist Temple of Christ


Here lies an idea that designates ( symbolizes or reminds us of ) experiences that lead to discoveries within.

I was inspired to create this vessel, that crosses religious and cultural boundaries to unite us in common experiences that point to the knowledge of this breath we all share together. To celebrate the blessing of being, enhance the search for truth, and wake up the desire to be fulfilled spiritually, physically and mentally. Lets look at what is common between us rather than what separates us and open our hearts to a greater consciousness.

I have respect for religion as a direction or a light on the path to realization of our divine nature. All have started with an extraordinary being that has a complete and consistent experience of the divine and is compelled to share it with others. This evidence of spirituality extends beyond our cultures and religions to the knowing realization that all life springs from the same source.

Simply put.. a religion of the breath, of which we are all a part.

And hey! It's just a T-shirt